1. Onto the playoffs! 🏆 💕 👏 #AllCaps #Sports
  2. #StreetArt #MuralArt #Art #Bali #ALLCAPS festival
  3. What I’ll be watching instead of the GOP “debate” tonight. #Sports #ALLCAPS 🥅
  4. It looks as if #Capitals star Alex Ovechkin will have to pursue Wayne Gretzky’s record of 894 career goals without Nicklas Backstrom, his partner on the ice for so many years. My column #ALLCAPS
  5. The streets around Capital One Arena will be filled Friday night with fans dressed in red to celebrate the home opener of the Washington #Capitals . It’s a scene that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The future of downtown may be at stake. My column #ALLCAPS #Wizards
  7. When P01185908 uses all caps, it's really just his version of air quotes. Make that hot air quotes.
  8. Fasten your seatbelts and grab your earmuffs - Donnie's in ALL-CAPS mode again...
  9. Agent Orange is back in ALL-CAPS mode, I see. Because if it's in ALL-CAPS, it's gotta be true. I Googled it.