1. Battle of Waxhaws

    The Battle of Waxhaws (29 May 1780) was a small engagement during the southern theater of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) that nevertheless had a significant psychological impact on the Patriots. During the battle, Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his infamous British
  2. A Texas Court Has Decided to Let the Scariest Judge in Texas Keep Being Scary - Elie Mystal

    The Northern District of Texas has refused to adopt a policy reining in “judge shopping” and, with it, the power of “Mifepristone” Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk. The Nation / APRIL 3, 2024 If Democrats and good-faith Republicans want the members of the federal judiciary to behave like ju
  3. Does (NBC News) RASHIDA JONES wear a COON SKIN Cap ??? ; 2024.03.29

    Click = (NBC News) RASHIDA JONES = NO CROCKETT Click = RASHIDA JONES (NBC News) New Theme Song Click = NBC TV News = New Intro Song ( Rashida Jones ) = ' Don't Look Back ' (Boston) ... ('Ronna' Something might be Gaining on You?) ;-) #RashidaJones ; #NBCtvNews ; #Alamo ; #DontLookBack ;
  4. Archaeologists Reveal Secrets of the 'Birthplace of Texas'

    By Jess Thomson More than 10,000 artifacts have been uncovered by archaeologists in an abandoned town considered to be the "Birthplace of Texas". This town was discovered buried near the banks of the Brazos River in Texas's Washington County, known as Washington-on-the-Brazos. It i
  5. The Fall of the Alamo

    By this time of the morning, 188 years ago, the #Alamo had fallen. At dawn, #SantaAnna ’s buglers had played #Deguello —signaling that all Alamo defenders would be put to the sword. By this hour, Santa Anna’s troops had made good on their threat. Although the Alamo had fallen, Texans
  6. The siege of The Alamo began on this day in 1836. By March 6, the entire garrison had been killed.

    The most moving exhibit at the Alamo for me was the letter from Colonel William Barret Travis. His recognition that survival was unlikely, the plea for help, and final brave statement of dedication was incredibly moving. His last sentence brought tears to my eyes. "If this call is
  7. Texas has a history of itching to load their guns, pull in others with them, and start a battle. Often, this doesn't always go well. #Alamo #TheTexasRevolution1835to36 #BuffaloHunters #TexasIndiansBuffalo
  8. Get smarter, faster about #America ’s 247th birthday – read these #books , including one about the #Alamo in #Texas @BryanBurrough @cltomlinson @JasStanford