1. Latin Music And Weed: 9 Of The Best Celebrity Cannabis Brands In LatAm

    By Javier Hasse Latin America is currently undergoing a cannabis revolution that is not only transforming societal attitudes but is also resonating in the music industry. Numerous artists across the region are using their platforms to share diverse views on cannabis, highlighting
  2. Exclusive: Latin Rapper Akapellah Launches Cannabis Pre-Roll Brand, Los Porros De Don Pedro

    By Javier Hasse Acclaimed Latin American rapper Akapellah has made a groundbreaking entry into the U.S. cannabis market with the release of his own pre-rolled joint brand, Los Porros de Don Pedro. In exclusive conversation with El Planteo , the most-read cannabis news source in the
  3. Latin American Rap Icon Akapellah And Spanish Star Prok Present Their New EP '16 Millas'

    By El Planteo By Javier Hasse via El Planteo In the bustling world of Latin American rap, a beacon of relentless innovation and charismatic wit stands tall. Pedro Elias Aquino Cova, renowned by his stage name Akapellah , strides on a path of his own, consistently pushing boundaries