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  2. Watch as Concorde returns to Intrepid following refurbishment

    By Oliver Browning Watch live as the British Airways Concorde returns to the Intrepid Museum after being refurbished. The retired supersonic jet was taken back to a Manhattan pier on Thursday 14 March, following a seven-month restoration. It travelled by barge up the Hudson River be
  3. USS Carl Vinson returns home after four-month deployment

    By Geoff Ziezulewicz The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson returned to its home port in San Diego Friday following a four-month deployment. Carl Vinson left San Diego on Oct. 12 and was accompanied on the cruise by the cruiser Princeton and the destroyer Sterett, which also returned hom
  4. Red Sea ~ Action

    Onboard a U.S. aircraft carrier, The Eisenhower, a vast, 1,000-foot, 100,000-ton Nimitz-class carrier, has a crew of roughly 5,000 and is like a city on the sea, with sprawling aircraft hangars, mess halls and sleeping areas. Launched in 1975, the carrier has circled the globe si
  5. Aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford returns home after 8-month deployment

    By Sarah Sicard The aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford arrived home in Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, on Jan. 17 after completing a historic eight-month deployment. The head of the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, the carrier extended 76 days beyond its original deployment sched
  6. Year in review: Top stories from 2023

    By Staff Russia sends a symbolic message to Turkey, Britain orders new rifles and Hungary clashes with a U.S. senator over weaponry: Here are the top stories from the year. (And click here to see what made the 2022 list!) US Air Force may remove 105mm cannon from AC-130 gunship The
  7. Just finished my 76th Book Review of the Year!! I absolutely loved this book, enjoyed reading every minute of it. Terry Crowdy, a British Military writer heretofore focusing on Anglo European topics tells us about the British Pacific Fleet at the end of WWII fighting the Japanese,