1. Fossil fuel money doing its free speech thing

    In October, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Ferc) approved the expansion of GTN Xpress, a pipeline that carries gas from fracking fields in Western Canada through Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. Because if there's one thing we've learned about anthropogenic glo
  2. Decline, and then collapse

    Jem Bendell's Breaking Together explores the societal collapse due to anthropogenic global warming that is already happening. As this review asks, "what if collapse is an ongoing and slow(ish) process, rather than a one-off mega-disaster?" Well, that's just semantically wrong. As O
  3. China shows its cooperative spirit

    In a spirit of cooperation on the largest global problem everyone faces, Beijing declares it will deal with global warming in its own way, thank you. Xi Xinping warned others to not interfere with its internal affairs. Xi apparently conflated international negotiation and outsider
  4. " Air pollution in US from wildfire smoke is worst in recent recorded history." Where by "recent" @guardian means: since the beginning of time. #AGW #ClimateCrisis