1. Worry Over the State of Democracy in Politically Polarized Nation

    #Gallup #PartyAffiliation 29% #Democrats 29% Republicans 40% #Independents . Asked of independents: " As of today, do you lean more to the #DemocraticParty or the #RepublicanParty ? 40% leaning to Democrats 49% leaning to Republicans !!! Reference Article #Gallup provides #truste
  2. Forgotten chicken sandwich left in bag on flight cost woman thousands in fines

    By Ryan Fahey An elderly pensioner faced a costly nightmare after forgetting a sandwich in her backpack while flying abroad. June Armstrong, 77, from New Zealand, was at Christchurch Airport for an early-morning flight in May when she picked up a muffin and gluten-free chicken a le
  3. How did anyone else being gay affect Mike Johnson?
  4. Silence has always been a killer if does not affect them they don’t care