1. Haunting images reveal mystery of what was once bustling Chinatown Shopping Mall now forgotten

    By Florence Freeman Eerie photographs offer a glimpse into the past of what was once a bustling cultural hub in Leeds . The empty corridors of the Chinatown Shopping Mall, captured by urban explorer Kyle Urbex on Templar Place, tell a tale of abandonment and decay. Artwork on the wa
  2. Inside haunting cottage frozen in time with newspaper of Titanic tragedy left on table

    By Julia Banim & Julia Banim A time capsule cottage offers a glimpse into a long-forgotten past - filled with remnants from more than 100 years ago. The untouched interior of the farmhouse, located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, gives an idea of what rural life was really like
  3. Row of derelict cottages too dangerous to enter going to auction with £0 guide price

    By Cecilia Adamou A row of three abandoned cottages located in overgrown woodland, too dangerous to enter and only accessible by foot are on auction in Wales with a guide price of £0. Located near the village of Machen, near Caerphilly, the trio of derelict properties are situated
  4. Inside Fukushima’s exclusion zone where hospitals and apartments lay abandoned after 13 years

    By Ryan Fahey An urban explorer snuck into the abandoned nuclear control room in the Fukushima red zone - and found it frozen in time. Lukka Ventures, 27, has been exploring abandoned buildings in the UK for four years. After watching a documentary on the Fukushima nuclear disaster
  5. Inside abandoned cannabis farm in old care home that closed after owner stole from residents

    By Lucy Skoulding Harrowing images show the secrets of an abandoned cannabis farm set up inside a care home that closed down when the owner was discovered to be using residents' bank cards to buy designer clothes. Photos show the dilapidated care home still with evidence of its use
  6. Enchanted Nights…

    But maybe not the sort of enchantment you had in mind. Open Post for five full photos. Shot on Sony a7iii - 7Artisans 35mm manual focus lens - Edits with Pixelmator Pro and iPhoto The Enchanted Nights bed and breakfast has seen better days. Presumably it has anyway. All the days I ha