1. Team Biden Is Privately Panicking About the Michigan Primary

    By Tori Otten Joe Biden is expected to win Michigan’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, but those around him are reportedly “freaking out” about a growing call to vote “uncommitted.” And they have every right to be nervous. An increasing number of voters throughout the country, but pa
  2. Muslim Leaders Snub Biden officials in Michigan - "Abandon Biden" - They Won’t Give their Time to Anyone in the Administration.

    A group of #Muslim and #Arab #American #leaders in #Michigan said Thursday they would not meet with #BidenAdministration officials who had been dispatched to the swing state amid the president’s falling poll numbers . It is not clear how many, if any, #Muslim #groups had met with
  3. Michigan Mayor to Biden: Heed the Calls of Americans on Gaza

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling The Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan, had some strong words for President Joe Biden on Thursday, condemning the commander in chief for aligning with Israel’s far-right government at a time when American democracy is incredibly fragile itself. During a segmen
  4. Muslim Leaders Announce Plan to Keep Biden From Winning Re-Election Over Handling of Israel-Hamas War “We will save America from itself, by punishing Biden at the ballot box,” Lead #AbandonBiden organizer Jaylani Hussein
  5. Hamas and Bibi may have sunk Biden... This is a very bad omen. “There is a likelihood that our votes may weaken the Democrats that the Republicans may win,” Hussein said. “We’re not fools about that.” The #AbandonBiden campaign is willing to take that risk, he said: “We will ris