1. Print toys on demand with this kids' 3D printer for under $350

    TL;DR: Through May 31, the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle is now $90 off the usual price at just $348.99 during this Memorial Day sale. Are you prepared for the long days of summer? You can get ahead of the dreaded summer boredom this Memorial Day with some help from the Toybox
  2. Printing The Future: 3D-Printed Homes Offer Affordable, Eco-Friendly Solutions Across The Nation

    By Margaret Jackson As communities across the nation grapple with housing affordability, several companies are figuring out how to use 3D printers to provide less expensive homes. Green, clean, and efficient 3D homes are popping up across the country. They're printed in place, laye
  3. The Role of Metal Powder Quality in Achieving High-Performance Printed Parts

    An essential component of 3D printing and additive manufacturing is metal powder. For 3D printing, it contains a thin powder of tiny metal particles. Durability and elongation are produced by the end product's mechanical characteristics. The quality of the metal powder might affe
  4. British Army uses 3D printer to make speedy spare parts in world first

    By Tom Fredericks A cutting-edge 3D printer is being used by the British Army for the first time to make spare parts for military vehicles and equipment on a vital Nato exercise. The exercise - Steadfast Defender - is designed to show Russia that Nato countries, including the UK, w
  5. Программа для учета продаж стройматериалов Автоматизация процессов строительства становится все более значимой в индустрии, привнося инновации и повышая эффективность. Современные технологии меняют способы проектирования, строительства и управления объектами, открывая новые возмож
  6. WWII 'Great Escape' Pilot's Lost Spitfire Set to Fly Again After 83 Years

    By Aristos Georgiou A Second World War aircraft could take to the skies again as early as 2025, more than 80 years after being shot down by German forces. The "AA810 Spitfire," which belonged to the British Royal Air Force (RAF), is being rebuilt by an international team headquarte
  7. My fridge Magnets are better than your fridge magnets. #3Dprinting
  8. 3D Print : Figurines

    A little impromptu plastic family photo. Villains, hero and anti-hero. #3Dprinting #additivemanufacturing Some people collect Funco Pops or teacups, I like making new friends with melted plastic.
  9. 3D Print : Tool Stations

    It's a bit weird, but I like to keep my stuff organized using #3Dprinting I've designed custom pieces, most of them screw into wood cut-offs as bases. I refer to them as "Tool Stations". I've always hated digging through tool bags to find what I need, so having them on display an
  10. 3D Print : Pliers Base Addition / Extension

    So, I improved on the pliers stand with a new design. I printed two of the same custom piece to go on the sides. It serves two purposes, to lift the stand higher for longer pairs of pliers and to be able to screw the whole piece into the wooden base (5" x 5" x 3/4"). #3Dprinting