1. Stochastic Soaring Raptor Simulator (SSRS)

    shared GitHub repository shared paper “The goal of SSRS is to predict movements of soaring raptors (such as Golden Eagles) for a given wind conditions with the aim of determining potential negative conflict between soaring raptors and wind turbines. SSRS uses a stochastic agent-bas
  2. AgriTech-USGSLiDAR

    “The AgriTech—USGS-LIDAR project examines how water moves across a field of maize for farming. For the health and growth of crops, water is crucial. If we have a better understanding of how water moves through a field and whether areas are more likely to be flooded or too dry, we
  3. Assessing Landslide Risk in Prince William Sound

    “A new report [link above] focuses on using remote sensing technologies to identify landslide hazards in a large area of coastal Alaska. Of the identified landslides, preliminary analysis suggests that 11 of the 43 could result in potential tsunamis if they were to catastrophical
  4. USGSLiDAR [easier USGS 3DEP elevation data access]

    “The USGSLiDAR package was developed to make it somewhat easy to query the collection of LiDAR data available from the U.S. Geological Survey’s 3D Elevation Program (and other sources) to find out if data are available for specific locations of interest. The package offers option
  5. Py3DEP [hydroclimate analysis]

    “Py3DEP is a part of [PyGeoUtils] HyRiver software stack that is designed to aid in hydroclimate analysis through web services. This package provides access to the 3DEP database which is a part of the National Map services. The 3DEP service has multi-resolution sources and depend
  6. Mapping The Land [USGS 3DEP program]

    “With the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, one of the largest and most significant investments in rebuilding our roads and bridges since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System, attention has been paid to updating the maps that will show where construction a
  7. Delivering The Hydrologic Data From USGS’s 3D National Hydrography Program (3DHP)

    [my 2023 GISITR conference presentation] shared conference presentation “The development of 3DHP marks the start of a new era of water data - the first systematic remapping of the Nation’s hydrography since the original USGS 1:24,000-scale topographic mapping. Community-wide coordi