1. Looking for Classic SF by Women? Here Are Five Places to Start… These collections and anthologies are invaluable resources, featuring often hard-to-find stories from the first half of the 20th century. https://reactormag.com/looking-for-classic-sf-by-women-here-are-five-places-to-s
  2. Make Personalized Gift Cards Online for Free

    In a world where convenience is king, gift cards have emerged as the reigning monarchs of the gifting realm. They offer the perfect balance between flexibility and personalization, allowing both the giver and the recipient to indulge in the joy of choice. However, behind every sl
  3. Fashionable Functionality: Calf Socks Women's Assortment

    In the realm of fashion, functionality and style have always been intertwined. Gone are the days when accessories merely served a singular purpose; today, every element of attire is expected to be both practical and visually appealing. In this regard, calf socks women's stand out
  4. A musical journey through the history of ballet

    A musical journey through the history of ballet By Olga Leibrandt · Last updated: April 14, 2024 · Information Ballet · ⏱️ 7 min. reading time Image by Ballettstudio Ost under CC BY 4.0 - Details Ballet music: Over time, important composers have created classical ballet music. It is a
  5. Are you on an old fashioned party line and don't know it?

    Your ISP can listen in on your phone call. A phone company, regulated as a common carrier since the early 20th century, cannot listen in on your call. Big email providers are now reading every word you send and receive. They tell you they need certain cookies to “improve your user
  6. T-shirt of the day. #Old #oldschool #20thCentury #humour #tshirt #tshirtshop #tshirtday #Throwback #repostplease

    "As I see it, there was only one conspiracy, that of collusion between Lee Harvey Oswald and his mother in a pursuit of fame and recognition." - from my interview with Deborah Kalb, about my new book, American Confidential, coming for the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassinatio
  8. Keep searching

    The challenging, frustrating, but ultimately very useful practice of history: "The Rise and Fall of the Project State: Rethinking the Twentieth Century," @AntonJaegermm @AmericanAffrs @adam_tooze (Plus- The Great Moon Hoax) “The real war will never get in the books” #20thcentury #
  9. Blackdom, New Mexico

    All-Black settlement in the southeastern corner of the state, founded in 1903 and occupied until the 1920s. #NewMexico #history #AmericanWest #homesteading #frontierlife #BlackHistory #20thCentury #community