1. Is your libido lower than normal? This may be why

    By Dani Mohrbach If you’re feeling like your libido isn’t off-the-charts high lately—or it’s practically nonexistent—first, know that you’re not alone. Moms are having less sex during the pandemic, burdened as they are by the unique stress that comes with a global catastrophe. A l
  2. Dear formula mom—I see you

    By Maddie Koenig Gaskin Dear formula mom , I see you and you are doing great. You don’t get told enough, but you are successful and strong. Before I became a formula mom , it wasn’t something I ever thought twice about. In my head, I assumed everyone breastfed, because we are taught
  3. OBGYN shows why ‘bouncing back’ right after baby is physically impossible in viral TikTok

    By Cassandra Stone We’re all familiar with bounce-back culture and why it’s toxic, but something that often gets lost in the conversation is the physical aspect of “bouncing back” after having a baby. Specifically that it’s impossible—and should be, based on what this OBGYN shows