1. The U.S. Army overturned the convictions of 110 Black soldiers who were wrongfully arrested in 1917, a move aimed at “acknowledging past mistakes and setting the record straight.” https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-67413832
  2. Laura Knight , (English, 4 August 1877 – 7 July 1970) The Green Sea, Lamorna , 1917
  3. Detail- Hartwell Memorial Window attributed to Agnes F. Northrop (1857– 1953) at Tiffany Studios, Corona, New York, 1917. Art Institute of Chicago
  4. Félix Vallotton - Chemin dans la lande 1917 huile sur toile Kunsthaus Zürich
  5. #FilmAndTelevisionIWatchedThisWeek My wife has re-continued her watch of #TrustMe (2017), which she started watching a few weeks ago. It’s fun seeing Jodie Whittaker as a doctor the same year she took over the mantle of Doctor Who. There are some rather large improbabilities but
  6. Putin's Paranoia

    It is said that East Germany's peaceful Mondays revolution left a long lasting impression on Putin. When the Berlin Wall fell he was quivering in a Russian station in Germany convinced to meet his maker any minute for Soviet oppression. So is Putin really deluding himself, that he
  7. [Gifted article, free to read ] Prigozhin says war in Ukraine has backfired, warns of Russian revolution By Mary Ilyushina @washingtonpost@press.coop #russia #ukraine #russianrevoloution #1917 #prigozhin #chaos