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Updated on: January 31, 2023

We want to enable you to publish your knowledge and thoughts and allow you to build a relationship with your readers as you see fit, while ensuring that you will get rewarded for your Content. These Verified Account Terms set forth the provisions governing your Verified Account and form an integral part of our Terms & Conditions and incorporated therein by references. Capitalized terms which are not defined herein, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms & Conditions.

Registration and Verified Account

Post currently allows accounts at risk for impersonation to undergo a manual verification process. Once approved, Verified Accounts will receive a blue checkmark badge on their profile picture. To complete the verification process, we may ask for certain information and documentation to authenticate the identity of the account owner (including, with respect to corporate entities, information required to verify that the individual who applies for the verification is the duly authorized representative of such entity). If you believe your Post account would benefit from verification, please complete this form.

Post was created so that real people would be able to share insightful ideas, therefore we require that Verified Accounts holders to use their real name, except if otherwise approved by Post at its discretion. You may not register or attempt to register for a Verified Accounts anonymously, under an alias, or under any other false identity. If you wish to register for a Verified Account on behalf of a corporation or an organization, you represent that you are the authorized representative of such party. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate your Verified Account if we determine that you (or anyone using your Account on your behalf) violate these terms.

Payment Reporting

We may provide you reports that will enable you to track and review updated financial figures, as may be provided from time to time through our Services (“Reports”). Please note that the Reports are offered merely as an informational tool intended to help you understand what your audience appreciates and allow you to estimate your consideration. In case of discrepancy between estimated earnings provided in the Reports and the actual payments received by Post, the latter will prevail. You can cash out your Post Point from your Points Balance in accordance with the Terms & Conditions. Post may charge a certain commission rate in order to pay the credit card transaction fees and verification fees, and keep improving our Services, as shall further be detailed through the Services.