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Honolulu, Hawaii

Retired old fut Hawaii geek; multiple-media journalist; daddy to Boy and VW Bus. Tweeting since Nov. 23, 2006.

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  1. Not free stuff!
  2. OK, kittykat pic.
  3. Margaritas to celebrate the July 4 holiday. Cheers!
  4. Meanwhile in Honolulu…
  5. Home-made air fryer tortilla pizza and a wedge salad for lunch!
  6. Alexander S. Vindman on
  7. Let the eating begin!! The turkey and trimmings come later. Happy Thanksgiving, all. Crispy gau gee mein!
  8. Republicans didn’t sue to stop PPP business loan forgiveness. Republican-appointed judges didn’t strike down PPP business loan forgiveness. But now that Biden is giving student debt relief to working an
  9. Hi in the spirit of "Real news, Real people , Civil conversations", I would like to ask each one of you to spend some time personalizing your profile. If you don't want to put a profile picture, put som
  10. If you’re making an exit from Twitter, the first thing you want to do is request and then download your archive. However once you have got it, you will need to do something with it to make it properly
  11. Keedy Kat.
  12. As we navigate this new platform, I'm hearing a lot of hesitancy in people's words. "I'm not the best writer." "Sorry for rambling." "I don't know if anyone will read this." "Am I doing this right?" I
  13. He should mimic the look with black suit, purple shirt. That would scare the bejeezus out of mee!!
  14. Aloha!

    Aloha all! Just getting started here and thought I would say hello. I am a retired Honolulu multimedia journalist, communicator, and webmaster. Happy to help launch our new home! (Photo of a lauhala t

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