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  1. How dare the New York Times question why Americans are “forgetting” how bad Trump was. You’ll notice that Donald Trump is not railed against the New York Times lately and you can see why. Fuck you, New York Times, MSNBC, WaPo, CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC—and all the rest of you who have fe
  2. Here is a bumblebee butt for anyone who needs to smile today. Please share to spread joy. 😊🐝 #loveALLanimals
  3. Truth.
  4. What a disgusting turd he is.
  5. Lets do it!!
  6. I remember the shock of Hillary losing (f-you russia), the knowledge that it can happen again makes me want to prepare to be an ex pat. Scotland maybe.
  7. "The Prez That Refreshes is Always in My Pocket!" #TrumpPutin #TraitorTrumpIsToast #traitortrump #USpolitics #politicalcartoons #Resistance #trumpdocuments #politics #TrumpDocs #trumpisguity #Documents #trump #voteblue2024 #cartoonist #PostCartoonists #democracyoverautocracy #Demo
  8. Nature. Beautiful and bizarre.
  9. This man is an anti christ. Believe it.
  10. By Jake Ernst I used to think that the goal was to be the calmest person in the room. In pursuit of this goal, I spent many years attempting to shift my biggest emotions into states of relaxation, positivity, and optimism. Truth is— I’m over the bullsh*t Wellness Culture™ requirem
  11. Truth.
  12. hee hee.
  13. Yes.
  14. #politics #news #explore
  15. The following people need to shut the fuck up about women’s reproductive health: MEN
  16. Knowledge is power.
  17. Put these traitors out and loud on the front page.
  18. This is a great article.

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