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Opinions belong to my evil twin.


I like horror movies and Doctor Who. Other interests include science and history, music, art, and just reading as many books as I can. Atheist. Proud Democrat.

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  1. When we share each other’s pain, is the pain reduced by half or does it double? The math might be off here, but I imagine the answer to this is highly dependent on who “each other” happen to be.
  2. Say NO to anti-abortion, anti-union chief judge nominee LaSalle! #politics #supremecourt #newyork
  3. The 10 plagues of America: (per @pittgriffin) 1: Republicans 2: Liars 3: Science-deniers 4: Evangelicals 5: Predatory bankers 6: Xenophobes 7: Health insurance bandits 8: Racists 9: Polluters 10: Misogynists
  4. This is so important...spread the news.
  5. The House GOP plan on holding the Debt Ceiling hostage over cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Who keeps voting for these maniacs and why?
  6. I am in the sign-up process for PostcardsToVoters, I hope you will consider signing up as well!
  7. Stonington, Maine #oilpainting #stonington #maine #art #postart #painting #artist #pleinair
  8. Still true, 3 years later I agree with every word. THIS IS FROM A BLOG POST BY MICHAEL de GROOT 4/20/2020***** Perfect. Someone asked “Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Nate White, an
  9. Ritchie Torres sends letter to Republican leadership about George Santos. #Politics
  11. Coward, Donald Trump, caved Truth won
  12. Merrick Garland needs to resign All trump appointees need to be fired We cannot strengthen U.S. democracy if we continue to be spineless, if we continue to coddle MAGA'ts They're terrorists We don't negot
  13. How do you spell Republican? H Y P O C R I T E.
  14. #Democracy #VotingRights
  15. By: John Bacon, USA TODAY Sixty-eight deaths were confirmed and four people were missing after a plane crashed Sunday in a Nepal ravine, the wreckage burning so hot that rescue workers were unable to a
  16. By: Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald Georgia football offensive lineman Devin Willock and team support staff member Chandler LeCroy were killed early Sunday in a single-vehicle car crash on the east

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