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  1. You may be familiar with the story so far, but here’s some brief background. Alexander Smirnov was recently indicted for lying to the FBI and falsifying a document in a criminal investigation by David Weiss - the Barr-appointed, now special counsel investigating and prosecuting H
  2. BREAKING: Voronezh in Russia is under attack! Doubtful this has anything to do with Ukraine. Appears to be internal Russian developments. The Voronezh-45 nuclear military facility captured by Wagner PMC during the coup is in the area. Another angle of a projectile flying for what
  3. By Ariana Baio Federal prosecutors investigating Donald Trump ’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results have questioned his son-in-law, Jared Kushner , among other witnesses to see if the former president acknowledged he had lost. Mr Kushner testified to a grand j
  4. By Sabine Siebold and John Irish VILNIUS (Reuters) -Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Monday agreed to forward to parliament Sweden's bid to join the NATO military alliance, appearing to end months of drama over an issue that had strained the bloc as war has raged in Ukraine. Swe
  5. Utter corruption funded by the Saudis to funnel money to the Trumps.
  6. Last day to a register….here are the Top Five reasons to VOTE No on Issue 1 in Ohio, and a number of things you can do to make sure Issue 1 goes down in flames:
  7. Some trans children and teens say the recent bans on gender-affirming care in Republican-led states send the message that they are unwelcome and cannot be themselves in their home states.
  8. By Kanishka Singh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A judge on Monday ordered Kansas to stop allowing transgender people to change the gender listed on their driver's licenses after a lawsuit filed by the state's Republican attorney general. The state's Democratic Governor Laura Kelly and Rep
  9. By Andrew Feinberg Walt Nauta , the aide to Donald Trump who has been charged with helping the disgraced ex-president conceal classified documents from the government he once led, has asked the judge overseeing the criminal case against him and Mr Trump to delay a routine hearing t
  10. Russia: Starting today those who refuse conscription into the army will no longer be able to apply for or renew driver's licenses.
  11. Looking forward to a big week for democracy in court.
  12. This is big.
  13. Tracy Chapman Just Made Country Music History...Because a White Man Covered 'Fast Car' Chapman is the first Black woman songwriter to have a No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, thanks to Luke Combs' cover of her iconic song.
  14. By Kelly Rissman A judge allowed for Donald Trump ’s former lawyer Michael Cohen to introduce one of the former president’s sons as a witness in his case against the Trump Organization, according to his attorneys. Mr Cohen’s team had asked to use testimony from Donald Trump Jr in hi
  15. Average global temperature records were broken twice this week #News #WorldNews #Climate #Environment #Weather #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis
  16. Okay. I’m here. I keep seeing the same stories again and again. I prefer Spoutible.
  17. Here are some things the Founding Fathers definitely did NOT support: - any state-supported religion - foreign influence in US politics - 9 unelected oligarchs legislating - demagogues with cult followings - unregulated use of military weapons

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