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Hong Kong / Bangkok

Former journalist now corporate comms for large Hong Kong-listed internet company, dividing time between Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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  1. Anti-Israel movement in #Malaysia gains momentum as it gets FamilyMart to stop dealing with #Israel .
  2. Signal of a coming trend, or pure outlier? Regardless, it’s an interesting development. #journalism #media
  3. Finally tinkered with the new contact poster feature in #ios17 . And down the rabbit hole I went… I rarely get phone calls anymore, but they look nice!
  4. I found an #app that I didn't think existed... to flip any #macOS -connected display for use with #teleprompters .
  5. Just what I need when flying: more anxiety. #airlines #travel
  6. Apple Notes has become a sleeper hit. It’s an app I never use, but still happy to see so much development.
  7. LG now makes a TV in a suitcase for camping. Really.
  8. The city does look purdy just before #sunset . #HK #thepeak #postplaces
  9. I don’t often make #podcast recommendations, but…
  10. Out-of-control wildfires force evacuations in Kelowna

    I knew when I saw #Kelowna trending on X, it wouldn't be a good thing. It's absolutely gut-wrenching to see what's happening there now. An otherwise beautiful place home to many friends and family. Hope everyone stays out of harm's way. These photos are from X account @BadWeather
  11. I remember when Chorus was spoken about like it was magic. Part of Vox’s secret sauce. I guess not.
  12. This is a quietly big year for the Apple TV and tvOS
  13. I had no idea MySpace and Friendster still had that much traffic as late as 2008!
  14. A team at #Meta had been working on a #Twitter clone as far back as 2016, but only recently, with all the drama around Elon Musk’s ownership, were executives convinced that the time was right.
  15. Chinese poke fun at #WhitePeopleFood

    People in #China are (rightfully?) poking fun at foreigners with the hashtag #WhitePeopleFood . Much of what’s mentioned here I’ve heard out loud from Chinese colleagues and friends.
  16. The award for creepiest story of the day goes to…
  17. Canada is growing up before our very eyes...

    This is big news in #Canada today… complete with a countdown clock and everything. The country’s population has just now — today — hit 40 million.

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