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Member of the Follow Back Resister Party. Recovering Catholic. Retired nurse. Be kind to all living things. They are all just trying to get home.

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  1. The Word of the Day: ACCOUNTABILITY. Bye Bye, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon.
  2. The US is not the only country in the world whose citizens have mental health problems, but they do not come anywhere close to the number of mass shootings that we in the US have. The problem is the guns. Why do our politicians keep tiptoeing around this?
  3. Who will the twice-impeached disgraced former president blame this time if he runs in '24 and loses again?
  4. Does anyone think that inside trump tower the corrupt twiced-impeached former president has his faith-based advisors gathered around him, praying over him?
  5. I'd like to see less frequent interviews of trump supporters on TV, and more from the vast majority of Americans who just want to see Congress working on behalf of the rest of us. Why aren't our voices being aired?
  6. If certain members of Congress believe that they can't take guns from "law-abiding gun owners", then Change the Law!!
  7. The USA has the best Supreme Court that money can buy.
  8. I do not blame the members of Congress for today's school shooting. I blame the voters who sent them there.
  9. It isn't just Fox nooz that shows contempt for its viewers. The GOP shows no responsibility to its voters.
  10. The latest rendition of the "Jesus gets us" ads promoting teen pregnancy are totally irresponsible.
  11. They'll be coming for your birth control pills next, ladies. Mark my words.
  12. No signs of Spring 🌼🌱 here yet.
  13. There's a wonderful tradition in the UK called 'pantomine' that involves cross-dressing actors. I suppose it would be unlawful in some places in the US.
  14. I opened the kennel and he froze, afraid to walk out! The shelter can sometimes be a scary place with dogs barking all the time and lots of people passing through. After a lot of time, patience and assurance that it was going to be ok, we made it outside. This guy is a big sweeti
  15. It's hard for me to comprehend that Rhonda Santis is only 44 years old. He must never have had a childhood. He was born old.
  16. I always repost the dogs❤️
  17. I hope the good citizens of Iowa see this.
  18. The word Abortion is a word with such negative connotations. I wish we could start referring to it as a medical or surgical termination, a little wordy I guess but much less loaded.
  19. Watching Nicole Wallace. Who's gonna pay for the damage FOX has done to our family relationships?
  20. Click on this just to read the comments. Well worth your time.

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