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  1. Attacks on investigations and DeSantis: Takeaways from Trump's first major 2024 campaign rally via @Yahoo
  2. SMDH!!

    Mr. ‘Don’t Say Gay’ pleads guilty in COVID fraud case... He has potentially ruined thousands of LGBTQ+ lives! The "true" him has come out... what else is he hiding?
  3. LMAO!!

    “'I came here to help, not get the sh*t beat out of me' - a member of Proud Boys'..." They should've kept their asses away and left these people alone! via @Yahoo
  4. This freaking POS has lot his damn mind! LOCK HIS CRAZY ASS UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!
  6. WTF!!

    That herpes POS has really lost his freaking mind! Steve Bannon says supporters more prepared for uprising than Confederacy was: 'Give it to them with both barrels'
  7. Ignorant Orange Buffoon POS!!! Trump Blames Mike Pence For Jan. 6 Violence For Not Going Along With His Coup Attempt via @Yahoo
  8. 'Another crisis is building' at Fox News as second defamation lawsuit gets green light for trial
  9. A former producer of the largest Fox show calls Trump supporters inbred 'terrorists'
  10. Ivermectin advocate dies from horrifying side effects — and followers report 'severe' symptoms
  11. They know who to f k with and who NOT to f_ _k with! SMDH!! Shocking video shows slur-chanting teens beating Black teen on subway
  12. Neo-Nazi homeschoolers could get taxpayer funds under GOP-backed bill
  13. 'Definitely stupid': GOP lawmakers at war with each other over defending Jan. 6 rioters
  14. SMDH!! Texas Republican wants 'bounty hunting' law that would target drag queens
  15. Ron DeSantis posed with a handmade snowflake. It had the word 'fascist' written all over it. … via @Yahoo
  16. Meet the ‘Ghost’ Woman Fox Relied on for Voter Fraud Claims via @Yahoo
  17. WTH!!!

    "Kacsmaryk, a Trump appointee who has written critically about Roe v. Wade and previously worked for a Christian conservative legal organization..." Judge in Abortion Pill Case Set Hearing but Sought to Delay Telling the Public via @Yahoo
  18. What's the next catastrophe due to Trump's deregulation spree?

    Another tRump deregulation that's wreaking havoc on us; as with the MAGAt cult leaders deregulation of railroad safety regulations! What's the next deregulation to raise it's ugly head?? Trump-era deregulation deemed a key culprit in failure of SVB

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