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  1. This is what happens when 2 bubble rings collide!🫧✨ #science #underwater
  2. In 1992 while draining water from their ponds, 4 farmers from Longyou County in China stumbled across the Longyou Caves, some of the most astonishing underground structures in human history. But who made them & why remains one of the world's most intriguing archeological enigmas.
  3. Oh, look! isn't configured correctly and is being used for spoofing and scams. 🎭💻 Should I be surprised? Not really! 🎨😮 #cybersecurity #infosec #natsec
  4. How do you say you’re fine with antisemitism without saying you’re fine with antisemitism.🤦🏾‍♂️🤬
  5. Twitter is overrun by Russian and Chinese propaganda. Musk wants more
  6. Story of migrants displacing veterans in housing that GOP used to attack Biden is a hoax #news #politics
  7. Elon gets community noted by the Internet Archive
  8. Images surface of secretive US MALD flying decoy used in #Ukraine . But what is MALD? #AVGeek
  9. DAMAGE: The GOP policies causing an OB-GYN shortage in some states #news #healthcare #politics
  10. Oops: James Comer can't 'track down' his Biden informant #news #politics
  11. Holocaust text books rejected in #Florida 's crack down on 'woke indoctrination' #censorship #bannedbooks #education
  12. Jamie Raskin Busts GOP Lies By Releasing Evidence Showing No Biden Pay For Play #news #Politics
  13. 'We don't lose these cases': The View's Sunny Hostin predicts 20 years behind bars for George Santos #news #politics
  14. Nine GOP Senators (All On Judiciary) Got Checks From Harlan Crow #news #politics
  15. Elon Musk Confused Why You'd Think Someone Was a Nazi Simply Because of Their Swastika Tattoo #news #politics #twitter
  16. Supremely Arrogant. Are these men interpreting the law or settling scores? #news #politics
  17. New podcast! One of my favorite episodes so far. Oliver Willis on Trump’s desperate need for a new gimmick, why Dark Brandon is the babyface that Democrats need, and much more.
  18. Republicans trying to drum up new anti-Biden conspiracy #news #politics
  19. The Pentagon’s AI Chief Is ‘Scared to Death’ of #ChatGPT #AI

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