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Head of Investments at Aspiration Partners. Formerly an attorney at Sidley Austin LLP and Baker Botts LLP. Spent my career in energy and infrastructure. Windmills do not cause cancer.

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  1. 2 episodes into White House Plumbers and I can confirm that I would watch David Mandel direct a puppet show. This is GENIUS.
  2. Go ahead, be anti-vax. Book me an appointment for the cigar lounge in 2030, please.
  3. If you have a friend who works in midtown or lower Manhattan this week, buy them a drink.* *Do not meet them near work.
  4. “But then we could indict other ex-presidents” don’t threaten me with a good time.
  5. My great aunts were Ukrainian seamstresses. They would’ve sewn some amazing flak jackets if those had existed. They fled Ukraine right before the Russian Tsar ordered them to be shot. Give ‘em hell, gi
  6. Well I for one would like to thank George Santos for giving me an amazing rebuttal to my mother telling me what a bad Jew I am.
  7. You guys, maybe the real George Santos was the friends we made along the way.
  8. Future George Santos claims

    Co-authored the Port Huron Statement (the original statement, not the compromised second draft) His family fled to America after cats led a pogrom against their shtetl (because there are no cats in Ame
  9. Yippie-ki-yay, mamzer.
  10. Happy Festivus to all who celebrate.
  11. Is there a Yiddish word for “badass”? #mazeltough
  12. Do this guy the small courtesy of listening to his speech. Give 'em hell, boychik. #mazeltough
  13. How does heating work

    REST OF AMERICA: Our homes have thermostats so we can regulate temperature. NYC: our apartments are either cold or you have opened a portal to the fires of hell stoked by Satan himself.
  14. This. I LOVE this.
  15. I feel seen.
  16. This is a proud moment for me and my fellow Ukrainian Jews. Give 'em hell, boychik.
  17. For everyone who needs to hear this, Nazis are bad.
  18. Be nice to widows please

    Trying this out, my first post here. When my dad died comparatively young, a lot of people told my mom “let us know if there’s anything we can do.” What they meant is “let us know if there’s anything w

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