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Zaak Barnes


Gov't & politics by day, photographer by night

Denver, CO

Nighttime photography enthusiast daylighting as a public policy researcher.

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  1. Lenticular Cloud & Long's Peak

    I've been playing around with panoramic photos lately, so I figured I should share one on here! This is one of my favorite results from within Rocky Mountain National Park, taken in December 2022.
  2. I like to bookmark this post so I have all the information in one place, listing all 100 members and details on Iowa House leadership and heads/ranking members of all standing committees. #ialegis
  3. Last Milky Way shot of 2022

    Taken October 21 from the Gore Range Overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park. I don't think I have ever experienced wind that intense, but it was totally worth it!
  4. Colorado Travel Tips

    Hey all, just visited Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge a couple weeks ago. Absolutely incredible wildlife! Where else in CO do you think is worth a visit? Image is of two bison eating g
  5. Not sure what I'm doing on Post yet, so here's a selfie.

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