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I'm a cheerful, religionless liberal.

People of faith, morality, and conscience are not required to make peace with hatred. The only thing you owe violent people is to see and respect their humanity in ways they refuse for others. You don't owe hateful people unity—ever. John Pavlovitz

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  1. Joe Biden found govt docs and returned them. Mike Pence found govt docs and returned them. Donald Trump stole govt docs, refused to return them, lied about what he had, moved them to hide them from authorities, evaded subpoenas, showed them off, and covered up what he did.
  2. Republicans are threatening civil war over some razor wire they say they need to “deal” with immigration while simultaneously tanking bipartisan legislation designed to deal with immigration.
  3. Republicans will let a woman die from sepsis before letting her have an abortion, they’ll teach a child to tourniquet before banning AR-15s, and they’ll let 8 MILLION kids go hungry instead of giving them free food, but they’re marching to prove just how “pro-life” they are.
  4. "The Nation would have no recourse to deter a President from inciting his supporters during a State of the Union address to kill opposing lawmakers – thereby hamstringing any impeachment proceeding – to ensure that he remains in office unlawfully." Jack Smith
  5. “You can’t take Trump off the ballot, tens of millions of Americans want to vote for him” - the party ignoring the tens of millions of Americans who want gun control, expanded voting rights and access to abortion.
  6. Do not tolerate claims that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is 'ambiguous', 'optional', or that it requires some adjudicative proceeding in order to enforce. It's none of these. It is straightforward, codified, and self-executing.
  7. Mark my words. The economy is already in decent shape and is going to feel stronger than ever next year, especially as the Fed begins to ease interest rates.
  8. We still don’t know: - Who planted the pipe bombs? - Who disabled Pence’s key card? - Who removed the panic buttons? - Who shared the location of the non-reinforced windows? It wasn't George Santos, as far as we know. So who was it? And will they ever face justice?
  9. “[America is] dark, depraved and irredeemable . . . I believe God is about to do something.” These sound like the words of a mass shooter. But in fact they are the words of the man who is currently Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson.
  10. Governor Hobbs has made contraceptive medications available over-the-counter, without a prescription, available to all adults in Arizona effective immediately. #Politics #WomensRights
  11. MAGA Trumpers are now doxxing prosecutors and staff involved in the Trump classified documents case, leading to harassment and threats.They must be stopped. Our democracy cannot be held hostage by stochastic terrorism.
  12. Reminder: Many of the same corporations putting out July 4th tweets today also pay nothing in federal income taxes.
  13. Reportedly, DOJ is preparing to charge several individuals connected to Donald Trump and to charge Trump himself in a superseding indictment. Alternatively, they could seek a new venue (New Jersey?) instead of a superseding indictment. Delicious.
  14. According to the Santos logic, sometimes when I cough, I am Flem - ish.

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