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Blue in FL✌

Liberal in FL🏖, (fmr) RN,BSN,🏥Classic film fan, LGBTQ ally🌈Trying 2 laff thru what is a surreal 21st Century~

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  1. I keep trynna post my pic "edit profile", etc - but after I choose the pic the prompt vanishes? I can't seem to get prompts? Is it me , my phone? Or this site?😂
  2. I'm trying to re- post/ like Retweeting....
  3. I am introducing a bill to require candidates to disclose under oath their employment, educational, & military history so we can punish candidates who lie to voters about their qualifications. It will
  4. #Chicago looking festive
  5. 😂I keep accidentally losing my place & going back 2 my email > <( back?) 🙄🤕😜I'll happily follow back- but I have 2 figure this out a little better~
  6. At this point, all George Santos needs to round out his bio is to reveal that he ran a fake university and stole money from a kids-cancer charity.
  7. I'm gonna try ONE MORE TIME-😂I am @youngallison63 on Twitter- My peepers 🤓can't see the typos~ It's gonna take mama a min 2 get used 2 something new~😂"Old dogs..."

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