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  1. There are two things that are both true: First, there is no wrong way to defeat Trump. Second, none of these methods are a sure thing.
  2. On Derek Chauvin, moral scolds, and the capacity for nuanced joy.
  3. When you see a post about Joe Manchin not running for re-election, remember ths. Joe Manchin’s entire career was built around either being the reason for, or the excuse for, Democrats HAVING power without ever USING that power. So when you see a post that is, essentially, “good fuc
  4. Been seeing a lot of this this week, and I wonder if all the people on social media insisting “there must have been a tunnel under it” even realize they’re giving off big “I’m sure the officer feared for his life” energy.
  5. Haven’t checked in on social media in about six hours. Sure hope everyone didn’t decide who’s solely responsible for the Gaza war and also figure out how to resolve it without me!
  6. They war crimed us first.:” “What’s your non-war-crime solution, smart guy?”
  7. For a few decades now, some of the absolute worst people in the world have been demonizing Hamas. They weren’t doing this in a good-faith attempt to warn us about how bad Hamas was and is. They were spelling it Hamas, but they were pronouncing it, to varying degrees, “Palestinian
  8. In case you were curious, I’ve been in Italy for four days and I’m still only thinking about the Roman Empire when I’m directly being confronted by it.
  9. As someone who was actively paying attention to and writing about James O’Keefe and Project Veritas since I first couldn’t believe anyone was taking them seriously, it’s with mixed emotions that I mark their passing, thirteen years later.
  10. Was Don Jr.’s X account “hacked”? Or is that just easier to say than “I was using my Drafts folder to do some casual manifesting and accidentally posted it when I was trying to call Kamala Harris trans”?
  11. OLDNERD conetnet: Thoughts on Starfield, Sea of Stars, and what it means to be “easy to play”:
  12. Thoughts on this, the anniversary of 9/12.
  13. OLDNERD content: I watched too much of Twisted Metal, Foundation, and Invasion recently and have thoughts.
  14. Donald Trump trying to convince everyone he has a chin may be the most delusional thing this motherfucker has ever said.
  15. Mitch McConnell was reportedly heckled by crowds at an event this weekend, including chants of “Retire!”. McConnell angered his supporters by violating a key tenet of Republican orthodoxy - when your brain stops working, whatever you do, KEEP SAYING THINGS.
  16. I gotta say, I wouldn’t have thought Rudy Giuliani still retained the mental capacity required to multitask, but I was wrong. Turns out he can be anti-Semitic and homophobic while at the same time grossly sexually harassing his assistant! America’s Mayor, everybody!
  17. The algorithmic feeds of Threads vs. Bluesky:
  18. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, our collective interest in the Trump legal escapades is ultimately about whether or not there’s any part of the husk that is the American experiment worth saving.
  19.  IN THIS HOUSE, WE… Enjoy indictments Celebrate convictions Throw parties for sentencing
  20. Ben Shapiro went to the Barbie movie and counted ten instances of the word “patriarchy”. He would’ve counted eleven, but he didn’t want to get kicked out of the theater.

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