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Chief Philanthropic Strategist at ÆTHER Global HQ, thinker of thots, doer of things, lover of mixtapes. Space punk. Tribal bish. Denizen Mum to future and all-around cheerleader for . I lead altruistic research teams at CornerStone, run @ThePDB and a few other things. Powered by Arabica. Avatar is "Soul Surfer" by Grant Shepley

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  1. The Gulf's Green Ace: Hydrogen Policy in the Middle East

    Hydrogen policy in the Arab Gulf states In October 2021, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Abdulaziz bin Salman al-Saud, an­nounced the goal of becoming the world’s largest hydrogen producer. A formalised hydrogen strategy does not exist; however, the country’s hydrogen policy is
  2. London's Design Museum: Claude Monet's famed water lilies but rather than being composed of the French painter's Impressionist brushstrokes, the monumental recreation is made from the studs of Lego bricks — a whopping 650,000 of them in 22 different colors. Titled "Water Lilies #1
  3. John Chol Matiop Poetry

    For my brother from South Sudan and so many like him, known not by their name or their abilities or success, or even by the motherland from which they've been separated; they are merely known as "refugee." 🤍 #WorldPoetryDay
  4. All Electric Space Thruster

    Capacitive Based Aerial Transmission (CBAT) harnesses phenomenal cosmic power in an itty-bitty living space by drawing infinite energy from the sun. #Space #Energy
  5. #MENA
  6. What's amusing about this is Australia is quite capable of making a nuclear weapon. Testing them in the 1950's and have a small stockpile of nuclear material. We have the means and knowledge, we just choose not to.
  7. #Lebanon 's empty schools bode long-term damage from crisis
  8. #Iraq
  9. #Spacejunk
  10. Cyber Warriors in Ukraine

    Via @ three_cube on Twitter: Week 7 of the Cyber Cossack School in Ukraine Begins Tomorrow at 3pm UTC. In spite of yesterday's Russian missile attacks in Kharkiv, we will persist. We are training the next generation of cyber warriors to protect Ukraine from Russian brutality. This
  11. International Atomic Energy Association Comic Book Contest for Teens

    The IAEA (our nuclear watchdog) has teamed up with the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched a comic book contest for teens, 14-18, to address the topic of cosmic radiation and its effects on food security. #Space #IAEA #FAO #Education #FoodSecurity
  12. You Dare To Dislike The Little Mermaid? Shame!

    No. Stop this. You can dislike the new Little Mermaid. It doesn't make you racist. Failing to insist the original reflect and celebrate the real Caribbean and island cultures was kinda racist. And Disney is trying to remedy that. They're going to mess it up, but good for them. We
  13. #Viasat #Space
  14. #Writing #Poetry #BlackPoetry #BlackHistory #SocialPoetry #BlackPost #WOKE March 15th, 2023 Muriel Vieux #TheAmericanHaitianPoet ©All Rights Reserved Support Writers and Poets
  15. Virgin Orbit Pauses Operations, Furloughs Staff, Seeks Emergency Funding to Stay Afloat

    KEY POINTS Virgin Orbit is furloughing nearly all its employees and pausing operations for a week as it looks for a funding lifeline. Company executives briefed staff on the situation in an all-hands meeting at 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday. The company had $71.2 million in cash on hand at
  16. BZ Guardians: First USSF Lima "Lasers" Flight Grads

    BZ Guardians o7 The first all-Space Force flight from Officer Training School graduated March 10, 2023. The 15 guardians who comprised Lima “Lasers” Flight completed the eight-week training course to commission as second lieutenants and will go on to lead in the newly created serv

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