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🏳️‍🌈 Night owl. Weird critter. Comics geek. Creative sort 💙

Wurundjeri land

Wominjeka. she/her 🏳️‍🌈 Night owl. Weird critter. Comics geek. Creative sort. 💙 Banner by Dan Mora 💙

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  1. Merry #Christmas 🎄 I hope everyone has a terrific day!
  2. All about me lol

    Now for my own #introduction post. I'm lucky enough to live on #Wurundjeri land, where there's an amazing amount of native #wildlife in the area. Seeing #kangaroos and #wallabies on the way to the loca
  3. Oops

    So I'm already wishing there was a way to edit posts after seeing that some glitch has meant my very first post here has three of the same image of Leia, one image as intended of Willow and Pixel, but
  4. Kitties!

    I see #PetsOfPost is a thing so let my first post be an #introduction for my beautiful #cats rather than for me. We have five sweet kitties who we adopted from various shelters ( #AdoptDontShop ). Leia

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