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Man, older, reader, walker, swimmer, et al

Man, older, reader, walker, swimmer, et al. Also listen to audiobooks

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    @NAChristakis your posting of the article on the Aztecs is terribly one sided. The Aztecs were one of many civilizations that existed in what is now called North, South and Central America. I think when you look at what was happening in Europe, Asia and Africa you can find man
  2. When Republicans talk about "traditional values," it's code for racism, sexism, religious persecution and rich people exploiting poor people. Those are the traditions that Republicans are trying to up
  3. My particular bitch with Media

    UPI Headline today: "New York death toll from winter storm rises to 7 as sleet confirmed in Florida". Now the 7 deaths are important to a few, but of a recent census the snow storm killed 6.25E−8 of t
  4. First post on Post!

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