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Retired professional photographer & film maker, cyclist, environmentalist, democratic socialist, clean money activist.

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  1. how fucked up is this: Donald Trump's tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy are responsible for a QUARTER OF OUR NATION'S ENTIRE DEBT and Republicans want to cut YOUR social security to pay for it, and that's what this debt ceiling bullshit is all about. fucking unacceptable
  2. In case you didn't you know. #itstheguns
  3. Reality check
  4. So true 💜
  5. hey, I wrote a thing. "fucked around, found out: Jim Jordan and Scott Adams get screwed by the Wingnut Grievance Bubble" is today's topic. please read, and absolutely sign up for my FREE mailing list to get these things before everyone else
  6. Agree 100%, Steven. The notion that Zelensky should negotiate with Putin is obscene. Would the people calling for it be calling for America to negotiate with Putin if he had stolen nearly 10% of our land area and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans on a whim? Negoti
  7. Yesterday’s Big Tech Twitter hearings were a bust for the GOP, but that didn’t stop them from acting like dangerous jackasses. Nor did it stop Democrats from making some important points and introducing into the record the best thing ever. My piece is out and walks us through the
  8. PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this AND once you do, CIRCULATE WIDELY. There is no way Glenn Kirschner’s should be the ONLY prominent voice on this. This is ‘front page’ material.
  9. Donald Trump installed loyalists and lackeys to do his bidding in the IRS, the Pentagon, the Secret Service, the NSA, the Post Office and elsewhere. holy fucking shit, this is why we can't have nice t
  10. Good read Mr. Kuo
  11. As a Model 3 & Y family before Elmo became a public clown show, I now can't wait till the Board's of Tesla & SpaceX knock this bozo out of the companies and send him to the moon... then get on with t
  12. Clearly something the magaidiots can't comprehend and likely don't even care about... they are just overflowing with hate and self loathing they can't even begin to comprehend reality and how they are
  13. George Santos lied about everything, but he only confessed to a few. The rest is out there, along with the truth. The deeper reporters have dug, the more bizarre things get. Here’s where things stand
  14. Seriously... Jeff is always right... with humor and sarcasim as his weapons!
  15. Originalism is a scam!
  16. NO!… tax billionaires out of existence!

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