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Technical writer with an accent on technology, privacy regulations, HIPAA and all “Internet of (stupid) things.” (Your Roomba is spying on you…)

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  1. SCOTUS to hear “Throw Them Out” Case Today?

    SCOTUS to hear “Throw Them Out, Lock Them Up” Case Today? NO DISTRACTIONS … This is the story of the day, ignore the circus! brunson v adams can kill democracy !
  3. Nothing but the best people for the GOP
  4. Here’s why egg prices surged in 2022. Those elevated costs could last into the first quarter of 2023, expert says
  5. Pulling Twitter’s Plug

    Election’s over, we won and now MuskRat is stuck with an unpopular product. Time to quit. Planned on waiting till NY Eve or January 6th, but decided to deactivate Twitter account an hour ago … And it
  6. If #Santos doesn’t resign, get recalled or booted, he’ll hang around the neck of the GOP like Coleridge’s Albatross, stinking up the news for his (only) term and killing any chance for governance.
  7. The power grid here in Texas is failing AGAIN and Greg Abbott is lying about it! Here is my take on this for Meidas Touch Media!
  8. My favorite live action film version of A Christmas Carol
  9. Graphic Novels have a place alongside other great American innovations, along with DC and Marvel Comics that have been socially "woke" since 1970.
  10. TESLA blows, according to Consumer Reports.
  11. Un-FUCKING-believable! A “Death Warrant” on Healthcare!
  12. All good… shout it out! We’re in the Right Place at the Right Time!
  13. Just started and finished this graphic novel yesterday. Did y’all know that slave revolts occurred on 1 out of every 10 voyages or that they were more likely to take place on ships that had more women
  14. List of those who did not stand and did not applaud during Zelensky's speech last night. Instead they sat there and made ugly faces. Shame on them. - Matt Gaetz - Lauren Boebert - Andrew Clyde - Dianne
  15. Hi Posters, I wanted to give an update and lay out our plans for the next few weeks. So where are we? Since launch [ONLY] 30 days ago: The waitlist has over 610K users, of them: 309K have been invited and
  16. Greetings from Texas!

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