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Full-time, professional freelance writer. Cat-lover, diver, f/t traveler, opinionated. (Don't Google my name - that's not me). she/her

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  1. Color me shocked. He stole copyrighted images for those stupid digital grifty things.
  2. Alabama cops arrest little old ladies for feeding cats. And court convicts them of multiple charges. This is nuts --->
  3. So the Pillow Guy was just reinstated on the other platform. It becomes more of a hellscape each day (I won't post images).
  4. Covid death rates are 26% higher in areas of the country that "lean conservative." I wonder why?
  5. Normalize NOT having conversations in public using speaker phone.
  6. We do not know who took out the power in Moore County, NC, but one thing is abundantly clear - this was an act of terrorism.
  7. Wow - yep.
  8. Am I the only person who has never played Wordle?
  9. Yes!
  10. Basic. But, yes.
  11. Ridiculous
  12. Maybe it will soon?
  13. If you are here asking “where is everyone” just remember - when you are this early to a new social media site, you are not ‘joining’ Post, you ARE Post.
  14. Let's go GA!
  15. Cool!
  16. Happy to be here.
  17. First Post for posterity. I was invited to join as a beta tester on 11/24/22 - Happy Thanksgiving to me!

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