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Matt Stafford


Game Developer working in Unreal Engine & C++

Melbourne, Australia

Integration Engineer at, specializing in Unreal Engine. Lead Engineer: Primal Carnage Extinction (PC/PS4) Previously Senior Software Engineer Omny Studio, Motorola Solutions Sports fanatic.

3 Posts

  1. Post is just... not up to it yet, and has really basic issues. Mastodon is broken and not sending confirmation emails or even letting you sign up. Twitter is burning. Where the we all meant to go?
  2. Its incredibly frustrating to have a good idea, start researching how you can implement it and then figure out that its just not really possible. Had a great idea for an #UnrealEngine plugin but it se
  3. Finally got my Post account activated! Are there many other #gamedev folk around? Looking for some interesting people to follow!

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