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WordPress Security enthusiast

I am a passionate full-time WordPress security enthusiast. I maintain a lot of websites for clients. I also restore hacked WordPress websites with guarantee.

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  1. One of the most asked questions.. My WordPress has and error, what now? Without bullshit your answer: Open the wp-config.php in the root of your website (using Filezilla with your server credentials) Scro
  2. Watch out! Your webhoster might update PHP from 7 to 8+

    Because PHP 7 will no longer be updated that version of PHP will become insecure very quickly. That's why webhosters are forced to switch to the newer PHP 8+ They might use PHP 8, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 or 8.4 Wh
  3. My secret to a good WordPress businesswebsite

    It is a simple secret, I use Enfold. This theme has a brilliant drag-and-drop text editor, build-in caching to speed up the pages.. It is WooCommerce ready, mobile.. I found this theme 7-8 years ago and
  4. How to FAIL BIGTIME when building a WordPress business website!

    You can really mess up the website if you keep adding plugins on the way. Plugins slow down the website and make maintenance and updating difficult When there is no content-plan (text & images) and you
  5. Can you sue hackers that went into your website?

    In order to sue someone, you need to know WHO to sue. Hackers use bots to do their job Hackers write a virus, script that tests thousands websites for leaks. Once a leak has been found the script inject
  6. How to pick a good password

    Good passwords have minimum requirements, technically in order to be safe against guessing robots. The minimum length of an password The password should at least be 8 digits The complexity The password sh
  7. There is a big pink elephant in the room. It is Pluffy, and the login details to his webshop are: User: pluffy Pass: Eleph4nt As this seems to be a joke, the fact is 1 out of 10 people really do this! Usi
  8. WordPress website security in a nutshell, is simply declining the hackers and blocking their attempts to reach sensitive data. Hackers and most of the time their scripts wil fire a massive amount of at
  9. Hi, I am Math from the Netherlands

    Hi, Let me introduce myself, I am Math from the Netherlands. I normally use Linkedin (in Dutch) for communication, though because seems a very nice platform, I will give this a try. In english

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