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  1. This is a powerful one.
  2. Blue Steel vs Red Steal
  3. It took us 2 1/2 years to investigate Trump University. It took 2 1/2 years to investigate the Trump conspiracies related to January 6. These things take time. But they’re worth the wait.
  4. News of the Times: TRUMP SHIVS A SNITCH Brought to you by the Inner Hive, including longtime member Ërb and new member EricH.
  5. Proof that adorable pictures of dogs are nothing new.
  6. ...because abortion IS HEALTH CARE.
  7. Tweetless Tuesday in two hours. Pass it on.
  8. The 3 biggest years for business formation in America, ever 1) 2021 2) 2023 3) 2022 Funny, those are the same 3 years Joe Biden has been in office. Huh.
  9. Cong. Black Caucus in 2022. Still true today. “Be unapologetic in your commitment to do whatever it takes to ensure that every American has their vote counted no matter how they look or where they live. No lawsuit is too trivial when it comes to the voting rights of citizens.”
  10. What Killing The Debt Ceiling Actually Looks Like I want to use the news that the White House has set up a team to explore ways to kill or work around the debt ceiling as a jumping off point for talking about how to end the GOP’s hostage-taking on this issue. It looks very differe
  11. How did we end up living in a universe where articles from The Onion are now more realistic than the ACTUAL news?
  12. More evidence that No Labels is a joke. Its newly released platform includes voting as an "idea." If you don't know what it means to have a "counted vote" verified, neither do I, neither do they. It's gibberish, pure and simple.
  13. So much goodness all in one picture.
  14. Republicans decided it didn't matter if they had a majority of the public's support as long as they could seize a majority of the power. And that's when they abandoned democracy.
  15. Moskowitz: The American people need to know whether the indicted foreign agent, the illegal arms salesman… that’s who they’re working with, we need to know if they have jeopardized homeland security in their search to help Donald Trump
  16. In America, a toddler has shot someone with a gun, every week, for 2 years straight. Yes, you read that correctly.
  17. If the Supreme Court has dismal approval ratings, Elias said, that’s not the dissent’s fault but, rather, the majority’s failure “to articulate and persuade and convince the American public that it is in fact showing fealty to the Constitution.”
  18. Republican Senator Tim Scott would do better to keep his campaign hyperbole to subjects that aren't so thoroughly defined by actual, checkable data.
  19. By Jack Thompson Ousmane Sambou, a farmer in Casamance in southern Senegal, relied on what he learned from his father and village elders to make a living until 2015, when a colleague introduced him to a local WhatsApp group. In it, users sent voice notes sharing the latest farming

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