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I am a parent, office administrator, and former preschool teacher/director who wants to see democracy prevail

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  1. #trump #Georgia
  2. Gov. Roy Cooper (D) vetoes omnibus voter suppression bill #SB747 . Republicans in the Legislature have a one-vote supermajority that enables them to override a veto. In his veto message , Gov. Cooper slammed against the conservative Republicans, calling out their thinly veiled goals
  3. Fox News said in a statement Monday that they have "agreed to part ways," with Carlson's final show having aired last Friday. "We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor," the statement said. #USNews #USPolitics #Media
  4. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate Judiciary Committee's chairman called on U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts to testify at a May 2 hearing on Supreme ethics reform after earlier urging him to investigate ties between Justice Clarence Thomas and a wealthy Republican donor. Democratic
  5. The longer Ron DeSantis prolongs his petty squabble with Disney World — one of the largest single drivers of Florida’s economy — the smaller and weaker it makes him look. DeSantis’s increasingly pathetic and desperate pissing match with Disney (which he continues to lose) is only
  6. ‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer Apologizes After Being Accused of Asking Teen Boys for D*ck Pics via @thedailybeast #AliAlexander #GOPHypocrisy #GOPClownShow #GOPClownShowContinues #RepublicansLieAboutEverything #GOPLiesAboutEverything #ClosetCase #Politics #USPolitics #GOP
  7. For everyone except women that is. ( Regarding passing ban of abortion in Florida. )
  8. Elmo The Creepy Clown
  9. Just because it’s so beautiful!
  10. in the spirit of the season … Another timely appropriate Mike Luckovich
  11. I am so very happy to be here! 😊

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