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  1. You know when you know...!!!
  2. By Charlotte Hill We are quickly approaching what is, yet again, the most important election year of our lifetimes. I say this with an intellectual understanding, but not an emotional one. Frankly, I’m burned out on all this “end of days” talk. Sometimes, the idea of disengaging c
  3. By: Nate Raymond (Reuters) - South Carolina's top court on Tuesday declined to reconsider a recent ruling upholding the state's ban on abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which opponents say will prevent women from terminating pregnancies after about six weeks. The South
  4. "No senior should have to overpay for life-saving drugs to pad Big Pharma’s pockets. My administration is announcing the first 10 Medicare Part D drugs selected for price negotiation. We're ending the days of deciding between buying your medicine or putting food on the table." —Pre
  5. Gavel-to-gavel coverage* of the Proud Boys January 6th pre-sentencing hearing today seems to indicate that Judge Kelly is not favorably disposed to meet the five defendants' requests for light sentences. He dismissed all their motions and went to some length to affirm the jury's
  6. Ohio Abortion Rights Backers Sue After ‘Unborn Child’ Language Added to Ballot #Explore #Politics
  7. Ma & Pa MAGA are racists as bad as any Klansman or Nazi, but they think they are good people. The Klan & Nazis also think they are good people.
  8. Trump is a serial predator. Republicans like that.
  9. @TNSenateDems Republicans had this Tennessee mom thrown out of a public hearing for holding a sign. Now she’s challenging their unconstitutional rule in court. She’s fighting for all our kids to have a brighter future, safe from gun violence. Thank you, Allison
  10. #Florida "In the latest instance, the governor did one sheriff a huge favor by firing Orlando-area State Attorney Monique Worrell just as she was about to crack down on a wide-ranging cover-up by deputies who, she says, were faking documents to hide lethal and abusive behavior."
  11. By Josh Marcus History is repeating itself in Tennessee. In April, state representative Justin Jones, an outspoken young Democrat from Nashville, was expelled from the legislature for speaking out with two fellow lawmakers alongside protesters against the Republican majority’s inac
  12. Freedom Caucuser Admits There's No Evidence to Impeach Biden — But Says Citizens Want 'Revenge' 👀 WATCH VIDEO #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  13. Bidenomics is growing our economy from the middle out and the bottom – not the top down. ✅The U.S. has seen the lowest inflation of any leading economy ✅Wages are rising – even accounting for inflation. ✅Annual inflation has fallen for 12 months – in a row.
  14. By Geoff Ziezulewicz As she awaits the end of a Senate standoff that will likely see her eventually confirmed as the Navy’s 33rd chief of naval operations, acting CNO Adm. Lisa Franchetti sent a message to the fleet last week urging everyone to stay the course, even if there is te
  15. How long until Trump violates one of these conditions of his bail?
  16. Two Months in Georgia: How Trump Tried to Overturn the Vote #Politics #USPolitics #Georgia #GeorgiaPolitics #Election #DonaldTrump #TrumpCrimes
  17. By By Kara Scannell, CNN The New York state judge overseeing Donald Trump ’s criminal case tied to hush money payments denied the former president’s bid to have the judge recuse himself from the litigation. In an order dated Friday , Judge Juan Merchan said he has “carefully weighed”
  18. By By Jamie Gangel and Jack Forrest, CNN Nearly a dozen Republican-appointed former judges and high-ranking federal senior legal officials on Monday endorsed the January 2, 2024, trial date proposed by special counsel Jack Smith in his 2020 election interference criminal case agai

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