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Episcopal Bishop

Rhode Island

Serving Rhode Island. “Lead bishop for Science” in the Episcopal Church. Former Physics and Astronomy Instructor. Sometime author, choreographer and Jr High AV club president.

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  1. Just double checking that this thing is still on. Maybe now that Twitter is in end-stage meltdown, enough people will start to move off that platform to make alternatives viable. One can hope.
  2. A particularly clergy Christmas Eve tradition

    If you're planning on listening the live broadcast of a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings College tomorrow, you will want to bookmark this page:
  3. Oh hooray! Neil Gaiman is reading through the Dark is Rising series of books written by Susan Cooper! You can listen to Midwinter’s Eve on Midwinter’s Day.
  4. Happy Last Sunday of Advent and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
  5. I've been using a bunch of these tools forever. Apple News+ is great. So is Reeder. And NetNewsWire is free.
  6. Advent is drawing to a close and Christmas is almost arrived. The light is coming into the world.
  7. I don’t see how this ends well…
  8. Christmas sermon idea. Jesus' birth is the fulfillment of all the history that happened before that night, and the first act of what was promised was coming. It’s the hinge moment of time.
  9. Looking for a Christmas gift? I read this book when it was released. It's fantastic. A mixture of history and poetry. Available pretty much everywhere.
  10. Welp, I deleted the Twitter app from all my devices. The disconnection is going according to plan. Let’s see how things go this week to see if the plan needs to be accelerated.
  11. Morocco!

    As Morocco was the first country to recognize the fledging United States, I think I'm gonna root Morocco all the way. Seems only fair that we should support them.
  12. In news unrelated to any of this weekend's outrages... I got an early Christmas present. Behold my new avatar!
  13. So much to chew on here. It's really quite brilliant.
  14. If you saw that lovely peacock sculpture in Wickford that I posted... well, it turns out it lights up!
  15. This Sunday is "Brood of Vipers" Sunday - one of my favorite Holiday/Advent traditions. Where does the time go? Heh.
  16. Happy Feast of St. Andrew's. For those who celebrate.
  17. Printing holiday cards?

    Here's a tip: Apple Contacts (and Cardhop too) has a built in envelop printing and mailing label function. Select the contact or contacts, go to Print in the file menu and choose the format you want.
  18. The first sunset of Advent 2020
  19. The outdoor christmas lights are hung, the HomeKit switches are debugged and working, and all the automations are tested. If the Wifi holds up, we’re good for Advent and Christmas. I’m not convinced th
  20. Having seen her in action, up close, here in #RhodeIsland ... I have faith in Gina. 🙌 (And I can't wait for her to be on this platform.) #WomenInLeadership @nytimes

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