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  1. Here's the audio from today's fun show:
  2. This afternoon at 4pm Eastern on WRVG, it's album cuts from the 80s, with a few singles that failed to reach Top 40 glory along for the ride. Hope you'll drop by!
  3. If you're wanting positive reviews for Chicago, the Doobies, or Steely Dan, maybe you should look elsewhere. Merle, Townshend, or Dennis Wilson, on the other hand? Step right in. (Yeah, and Billy Joel
  4. Here's the audio for today's show.
  5. I'll be back on the air this afternoon at 4pm Eastern on WRVG, spinning 40% of the Top 40 from 1/14/84. Would love for you to swing by.
  6. Here's what I could have been assembling forty years ago today, a list of the top 100 songs based on my own charts from 1982. Instead, I did it last week; better late than never?
  7. Six singles from the end of 1975 that some (but not enough, apparently) loved.

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