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  1. Is Gaetz trying to get Trump in as speaker?
  2. When Trump says, “I am your retribution“ — he’s seeking an open license for his Sadism and violent revenge. Jail him now and until his trial.
  3. Attn: MeidasTouch

    MeidasTouch should sponsor a reading of Amanda Gorman’s banned poem on Twitter at the same time as the DeathSantis announcement to benefit Pen America.
  4. Unbelievable!
  5. More GOP lies
  6. HORRIBLE : Ron DeSantis just signed a bill eliminating unanimous jury decisions for death sentences. This new law sets the LOWEST threshold for the number of jurors required to recommend a death sentence among EVERY state that has capital punishment. The scariest thing? Florida has
  7. Sharing is caring.
  8. BREAKING: Florida’s high school athletics board just voted to remove questions about students' menstrual cycles from a required health form. DeSantis loses.

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