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  1. The White House Warns Cars Made in China Could Unleash Chaos on US Highways

    As Chinese automakers prepare to launch in the US, the White House is investigating whether cars made in China could pose a national security threat. By Aarian Marshall, Will Knight The US government has launched an investigation into the national security risks posed by foreign-ma
  2. A Pornhub Chatbot Stopped Millions From Searching for Child Abuse Videos

    Every time someone in the UK searched for child abuse material on Pornhub, a chatbot appeared and told them how to get help. By Matt Burgess For the past two years, millions of people searching for child abuse videos on Pornhub’s UK website have been interrupted. Each of the 4.4 mi
  3. Amazon Just Got Banned From the EU Parliament

    In an interview with WIRED, the politician behind the ban hits out at Amazon for being evasive about working conditions in its warehouses. By Morgan Meaker Amazon has become the second company ever to have its lobbyists banned from the European Parliament, amid accusations that the
  4. Emergency Planners Are Having a Moment

    Governments, businesses, and even militaries pay for experts to help them prepare for the worst. In a world lurching from disaster to disaster, they're doing so more often. By Rob Reddick Lucy Easthope is a professional emergency planner. She helps governments and businesses prepar
  5. Dictators Used Sandvine Tech to Censor the Internet. The US Finally Did Something About It

    Canada-based Sandvine has long sold its web-monitoring tech to authoritarian regimes. This week, the US sanctioned the company, severely limiting its ability to do business with American firms. By Peter Guest When the Egyptian government shut down the internet in 2011 to give itsel
  6. Google Podcasts Is Going Away. Here’s How to Transfer Your Subscriptions

    Google’s Podcasts app is the latest addition to the company’s software graveyard. YouTube Music will replace it, and users have until July to migrate their shows. By Reece Rogers Steve McLendon, a product manager at Google , admits he’s sad to see Google Podcasts head toward the sof
  7. RIP Apple Car. This Is Why It Died

    Any tech company moving into the auto space needs a manufacturing partner. But Apple’s EV died as it lived: alone. By Aarian Marshall After a decade of rumors, secretive developments, executive entrances and exits, and pivots, Apple reportedly told employees yesterday that its car
  8. Ransomware Groups Are Bouncing Back Faster From Law Enforcement Busts

    Two months ago, the FBI “disrupted” the BlackCat ransomware group. They're already back—and their latest attack is causing delays at pharmacies across the US. By Andy Greenberg Six days before Christmas, the US Department of Justice loudly announced a win in the ongoing fight again
  9. Pokémon Legends: Z-A Is Coming in 2025. Will a New Nintendo Switch Join It?

    Announced during Tuesday’s Pokémon Day, Legends: Z-A’s release date sparked a new wave of speculation that new Switch consoles will arrive next year. By Megan Farokhmanesh A new Pokémon Legends game is coming to the “ Nintendo Switch family of systems” in 2025. Pokémon Legends: Z-A ,
  10. Alabama IVF Patients Are Running Out of Time

    “I feel so powerless in this state.” By Brian Barrett, Emily Mullin In October, Melissa began an in vitro fertilization cycle. A resident of Birmingham, Alabama, her fertility journey to that point had been not just difficult, but harrowing—earlier that year, she had nearly bled to
  11. The UK Is GPS-Tagging Thousands of Migrants

    Ankle tags that constantly log a person’s coordinates are part of a growing cadre of experimental surveillance tools that countries around the world are trying out on new arrivals. By Morgan Meaker Mark Nelson took the call in an immigration detention center—a place that, to him, f
  12. The US Supreme Court Holds the Future of the Internet in Its Hands

    If the court backs provocative laws from Texas and Florida that limit social platforms’ ability to moderate content online, life could become radically different. By Amanda Hoover The US Supreme Court seems torn over whether to trigger a radical transformation of the internet . The
  13. How to Use ChatGPT’s Memory Feature

    The latest update to OpenAI’s chatbot improves the AI’s ability to remember user details, but the feature is not yet available for all ChatGPT accounts. By Reece Rogers Everything reminds me of Her . While ChatGPT is not as powerful as the artificial intelligence from Spike Jonze’s
  14. Polar ID Is the Face ID Rival for Android Phones, and Could Even Beat Apple

    Metalenz’s biometric tech is poised to finally give Android owners a more secure form of facial recognition—and in time could even check skin for cancerous growths or measure air quality. By Julian Chokkattu A little more than six years ago, Apple unveiled Face ID. It was a new met
  15. Hands-On With Samsung’s Health-Hacking Galaxy Ring

    As the smart ring race heats up, Samsung has revealed more about its coming health-based wearable, and how it will pimp Galaxy Watches. By Julian Chokkattu Last month, Samsung made a surprise product announcement after it debuted its new Galaxy S24 smartphone series—the Galaxy Ring
  16. How a Small Iowa Newspaper’s Website Became an AI-Generated Clickbait Factory

    When two former Meta employees dug into why the website of Iowa’s Clayton County Register was spewing dubious posts about stocks, they uncovered a network of sites slinging seemingly AI-made content. By Kate Knibbs In his spare time, Tony Eastin likes to dabble in the stock market.
  17. Lenovo’s Project Crystal Is a Concept Laptop With a Transparent Display

    You can see clearly now through the Project Crystal. But what is it for? And is a transparent phone next? By Julian Chokkattu Transparent TVs were all the rage at CES 2024 , and a little more than a month later, we're getting our first glimpse at a transparent laptop. At Mobile Worl
  18. Pav Gill Helped Bring Down Wirecard. His New Startup Aims to Shield Whistleblowers From Harm

    Wirecard whistleblower Pav Gill has founded a startup, Confide, that aims to protect whistleblowers from retaliation—and stop them resorting to the press. By Joel Khalili In September 2017, Singapore-based lawyer Pav Gill took a job at Wirecard, a high-flying German payments busine
  19. This $13K Hydrofoil Meant for Amateurs Is a Rough Ride

    The Flitescooter is an easy-to-use eFoil meant to introduce newcomers to the niche sport. It’s fun to ride, but staying in control takes some practice. By Boone Ashworth I’ve been trying to ride this electric hydrofoil board for over an hour now, and have been bleeding for nearly h
  20. Some Hydrogen Car Owners Are Still Waiting For the Future to Arrive

    High prices, a volatile hydrogen market, and the closure of fueling stations have bedeviled many of the California drivers who bought fuel-cell electric vehicles in hopes of going greener. By Aarian Marshall Debra Snell thought she did her research. Before she and her husband signe

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