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  1. Flying with animals

    So glad I'm wearing my FloMask for flying. No less than 3 people got off the plane with dogs. I'm very allergic to dogs. Fortunately, the weave is tight enough on the FloMask filter that it blocks dander.
  2. Healthcare in the US is seriously hosed up and has been for awhile. I'm not talking about the sky high prices for everything (side eyes ~$500k bill for cancer treatment). I'm talking about more recent, and basic, breakdowns in being able to get a doctor's appointment. I made an ap
  3. Boss gave me the news today. The new person starts on Monday. One of my current teammates (NOT) the nemesis, is being let go. A shame, but he'd been warned, repeatedly, about his performance. However, he fucked up yet again on Monday. Boss's boss saw it and that was that. Sigh. S
  4. My nemesis decided that the morning daily stand-up meetings are taking too long. (I agree) What the nemesis has failed to take into consideration: they are the reason why the "15 minute" standup often runs past 30 minutes. Because they won't shut the fuck up . Especially when other
  5. Went to the grocery store this morning after my morning meetings. We needed an ingredient for a stir fry for dinner (won't make again. Was mediocre.), and the grocery store had chicken breasts on sale, so I wanted to stock up before bird flu drives the prices even higher. I shou
  6. Azure AD and brain farts

    Welp, I'm embarrassed to admit that my brain was not with me at work. It took me far too long to figure out that rather than adding individuals from subsidiary brands to the SharePoint site groups, my dumb ass needed to find the appropriate Azure AD Group and add that instead . Muc
  7. The eclipse was weird. It is a brilliantly sunny day. The whole outdoors stayed sunny at the peak eclipse time, but it just looked like someone turned down the brightness on a monitor. It was odd. The inside of the house got dark though. I wish these contractors were as neat as o
  8. To be fully transparent, for me, It has never been about politics. Why? I have voted for both parties, and have always placed The Country, and The Constitution, over any individual or party. This is solely about me …being an American who ‘steadfastly rejects anyone’ who is known
  9. Heh. Just popped out to the UPS store to return some items. 2 houses on my street are getting their siding redone. Will have to be careful about nails. We had ours done last summer, and the crew was pretty careful about cleanup, but we still found a couple strays in the rock mulch
  10. Could use a bit more bending on the Teams fork.

    The author didn't include Visio (but that's OK. Neither does Microsoft without an additional license). Now that everyone at my employer has been forced onto the "New Teams", my laptop has been extra crashy. Start up a Teams meeting? Go to hell. A blue screen with a QR code for you
  11. Freeze Dried Fruit Buttercream

    Made plain vanilla cupcakes today. They turned out well. I used vanilla bean paste instead of regular vanilla extract. (Want to use that up before I get back to using the homemade vanilla extract. I've got a lot of it. Was doing more baking 2017-2019, so I've made two more large
  12. USBank Broken Mobile Application

    USBank's mobile application has been broken for months . I uninstalled and reinstalled it. No dice. "Unable to log you in. There is a problem on our end." No fucking DUH. Then, without fail, I get a useless CSAT survey about my experience. Extremely irritating to start with, these su
  13. Yeah, so, the task is not achievable as the requirements stand. Must be free (no license $$$), downloadable desktop tool (NOT in the cloud) because sensitive data will be in the deck that I still haven't seen. Adobe Flash could do it, but was shut down 4 years ago. I need a time
  14. PDF Stuff

    More work shenanigans. Yesterday's crisis resolved (as far as I know). 5 minutes before I was planning on logging off and hopping on the treadmill, the boss pings me. We need to convert a PowerPoint to have "magazine" functionality. OK, no big deal. Change slide layout, put a line
  15. Whew!

    My boss's vacation is over. Which means I will have a very busy week. Had a relatively low stress week last week (while boss was off) until the boss's boss's boss pinged me on Friday morning. Because of course he did. Wanted metrics we don't have, because my teammates think it is
  16. Meatballs

    Just mixed up a double batch of meatballs. Was able to get all ground meats needed, and we haven't had meatballs in several months. I'll roll them later this morning, after the breadcrumbs are hydrated (is that a thing similar to resting cookie dough/other batters/hydrating flour
  17. So interesting. Watching "Foods That Built America" on Discovery+ and we're on the Kroger/Piggly Wiggly episode. Interesting learning that Kroger brought in bakery and butchers, along with produce, to what was previously a dry goods store. Pity the Kroger 4 blocks from my house i
  18. Lemon bars for tomorrow are made. Ham glaze, also for tomorrow, is made. Nesco is on the counter ready for the ham. Costco cinnamon rolls thawing in the fridge for the morning. They reheat beautifully. I was smart and pounced on a package last time they were in stock. Divided into 3
  19. This is WHY people who are not white, cishet males are desperately needed in technical roles. Unconscious bias.

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