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New York City-based freelance writer, producer, digital marketing consultant. Recent clients: Game Show Network, Sony's getTV, Sony Movies channel, Official GOOD TIMES Facebook.

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  1. Celebrating Henry Mancini's centenary with one of the all-time bangers of 1970s TV. #HenryMancini #ClassicTV
  2. FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY debuted on this day in 1935. Jim and Marian Jordan starred in one of radio's greatest sitcoms until 1959 — and reprised their roles in 6 films. And Molly's putdown “Tain’t funny, McGee” became a national catchphrase. #OldTimeRadio #OTR
  3. 25 more Warner Bros-owned classics were added to Tubi this week— including Cagney and Bogart films, Astaire & Rogers musicals, and #FilmNoir .
  4. Happy 130th anniversary to “going to the movies”! 🎞️ The first Edison Kinetoscope parlor opened in New York City on this day in 1894. Price: 25 cents for 5 films (but they were only 15-20 seconds long).
  5. The Universal Monsters channel is now on Pluto TV. A nice mix of iconic classics + obscurities streaming 24/7 — with fewer ad breaks than other films I've watched on Pluto. Good for cordcutters missing TCM, Svengoolie, etc. #TCMParty
  6. "He was wonderful to work with.” — Barbara Feldon Actor, comedian, voice artist, and 3-time Emmy winner Don Adams (1923-2005) was born on this day. #GetSmart #DonAdams
  7. "The definitive book" on Frank Capra's IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is coming for the film's 80th anniversary. #TCMParty #FilmMastodon
  8. Tonight in 1979 — THE HAL LINDEN SPECIAL aired on ABC. The Tony Award-winning BARNEY MILLER star showed off his musical talents w/ guests Linda Lavin, Cathryn Damon, and Bonnie Franklin. Delightful. On YouTube:
  9. Tonight in 1977 — Alan Alda, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ed Asner won awards for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy at The Television Critics Circle Awards. The ceremony (hosted by Steve Lawrence and Beverly Sills) aired on CBS. #1970sTV #AlanAlda #MaryTylerMoore #EdAsner
  10. Criterion Channel's 24/7 linear feed is a solution for those of us who want to watch something good, but don't want to curate our TV viewing every damn night. Drawbacks: no I.D. of what's on/coming next, but I suspect that will come shortly. A great addition to an already vital str
  11. 5 years after launch, The Criterion Channel is leaning into the “channel” part of their name. Subscribers can now access a live, 24/7 streaming channel of great films. You can pause, add a title to a watchlist for later viewing, and even rewind (if you’re watching on a computer).
  12. Tonight in 1979 — Cary Grant presented Laurence Olivier w/ an honorary Oscar. “No man has graced our profession better than Larry Olivier," Cary said in his charming speech.
  13. Tonight in 1963 — Gregory Peck won an Academy Award for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. This is how you do an Oscar speech: short and gracious:
  14. Tonight in 1990 — David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS debuted on the ABC Sunday Night Movie. #TwinPeaks
  15. Tonight in 1970 — Cary Grant was presented with an honorary Oscar. “I've been privileged to be a part of Hollywood’s most glorious era," he said. He'd been nominated twice, but had never won a competitive Academy Award.
  16. I enjoyed Art of the Benshi at Brooklyn Academy of Music so much I went back again! Hideyuki Yamashiro, Kumiko Ōmori + Ichirō Kataoka made a perfect ensemble. I can't imagine any film buff who wouldn't enjoy these #SilentFilm programs. Catch the tour if you can!
  17. What a joy to see Benshi Ichirō Kataoka + pianist Makia Matsumura breathe new life into century-old silent films at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night. The Art of the Benshi tour (w/ 3 Benshi narrators + an ensemble of musicians) plays one more show in BK on Sun, then D.C.
  18. Tonight in 1976 — Mae West (age 82) told Dick Cavett about giving Cary Grant his big break. Originally broadcast on DICK CAVETT’S BACKLOT USA on CBS.
  19. "I took every film I made seriously and did my best on every one." Roger Corman is 98 today.
  20. Tonight in 1960 — Buster Keaton was presented w/ an honorary Oscar. The silent comedy genius accepted his first (and only) Academy Award with a brief "thank you” in his trademark deadpan. #BusterKeaton #SilentFilm

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