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  1. With her victory Tuesday, primary top vote-getter @janetforjustice says "Our work is far from over” as contest shapes up between her and @JusticeDanKelly for the April 4 Wisconsin Supreme Court election. @HenryRedrobin reports.
  2. With the concession of @judgedorowwi , conservatives say they'll coalesce behind @JusticeDanKelly vs. @janetforjustice in April race for state Supreme Court. @baylorspears reports.
  3. “This is not a tax increase budget, it’s a tax cut budget,” DOR Secretary Peter Barca said of @GovEvers budget proposal. This morning, @erikgunn breaks down the tax proposals in his plan.
  4. Despite backers filing 2 days late, two ballot questions will go forward in April. One would change the state constitution on cash bail for people facing criminal charges. Via @IsiahHolmes8 . @expowisconsin
  5. State budget proposal includes $12M to upgrade Milwaukee rental properties. Via @IsiahHolmes8
  6. In her commentary today, @rconniff argues that it's time to take money and politics out of the state's highest court. "We are now swept up in a massive money war with out-of-state interests pouring more and more cash into electing the supposedly impartial justices who decide impo
  7. #WisconsinSupremeCourt primary is Tuesday & @henryredrobin rounds up the campaigns of the 4 contenders: @JudgeDorowWI @JusticeDanKelly @JudgemitchellWI @janetforjustice
  8. #Medicaid continuous coverage guarantee ends April 1. As @DHSWI gets ready, @GeorgetownCCF & @KidsForward explain the stakes. Via @erikgunn
  9. Secretary of @widatcp joins colleagues in urging Congress to fund wide range of food programs in new #FarmBill . @Adam_Gold_News reports.
  10. A personal reflection from @michiganadvance editor @sjdemas on last week’s mass shooting at Michigan State.
  11. National economy reporter @thatcaseyquin on how #Medicaid unwinding affects rural hospitals.
  12. Via @IsiahHolmes8 , ruling expected today on effort to keep referendum questions off April ballot after filing deadline missed. @expowisconsin #VotingRights #CriminalJustice @ACLUofWisconsin
  13. More budget news: @IsiahHolmes8 outlines affordable housing, tenant legal aid provisions in @GovEvers proposal.
  14. Wisconsin Judicial Commission rejects complaint aimed at Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky
  15. Via @henryredrobin , huge fundraising advantage for @janetforjustice continues.
  16. From @Ashley__Murray & @jacob_fischler of our DC team, @RepGallagher & @SenatorBaldwin comment on unmanned aerial objects shot down this weekend — one over Lake Huron by F-16s launched from Madison.
  17. Small business owners with @mainstreetweets talked to lawmakers & staff to highlight their Wisconsin #budget priorities: funding child care, expanding Medicaid & a state paid family leave program. @erikgunn talked to some of the participants.
  18. Via @henryredrobin , initiatives in @GovEvers ' budget proposal will seek to address #VotingRights , ease ID restrictions.
  19. Editor @rconniff reports on a bipartisan vote-tracking bill that #SecureDemocracyUSA is promoting and @CommonCauseWI ’s director calls ‘a small step forward’
  20. Our @statesnewsroom #ReproductiveRights reporter @SofiaResnick uncovers the lie plaintiffs are spreading as they work to ban abortion pills & undo the @US_FDA decision more than 20 years ago approving the medication.

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