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retired spoonie professor of religion

Six years into a hoped for retirement, I just lost my partner of 51 years, so everything is new and different.

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  1. YES
  2. There you go
  3. Divorce agrees with George
  4. Widowhood, month 3 begins

    #Widow hood. Just completed 2nd month without him. Still taping his fav tv shows, planning meals he is not here to eat. Turn to his chair..but he is not there.
  5. Carter’s sin was in his unswerving attempt to govern as a Genuine Christian
  6. Whoa!
  7. Choices for the Iranian People

    PLEASE, NOOOOOO…The people of #Iran know what happens when you trade the #Shah for the #Mullahs ! A pro democracy friend who was tortured by both regimes DOES say the Mullahs Evin Prison made the Shah’s SAVAK seem like a four star resort, but DEMOCRACY is the only true option. But
  8. This sounds about right.
  9. #Egyptian #glyphs #motifs L 2 R, top: Great Green, sycamore tree (Hathor) city center, roads & fields, beaded netting, River barge, stylized tree Middle Kingdom
  10. He’s Gone

    #Widow : Month 2 He’s not coming home; I get it. Yet, I glance over at his chair repeatedly, to ask a question of the silence. The way I looked over at him in bed, to see that his eyes rolled into his head. Calling Hospice, I am again aware of this sisterhood of healers who speak w
  11. #cats Will my kitties ever return to the bedroom in which my husband died? It was the site of many nurses and strange smells, trash bags they were not allowed to mess with. This seems unfair, and only emphasizes loss. C,Mon guys..I’ve,got,new scratching curl and catnip!
  12. See @laurenboebert on a plane, see @laurenboebert wearing a mask on a plane! @laurenboebert is lying to her constituents! #fraud
  13. Still, this crap AGAIN?!

    Gee, in 1980, a religion professor left a faculty meeting in disgust after the coffee klatch talk veered to a discussion of the chest size of their Catholic nun colleague. Now, those were men teaching future pastors, so I can only imagine what it’s STILL like in various workplac
  14. My heart!
  15. Jesus H. Christ, WSJ! Could you BE any more tone deaf? Get stuffed.
  16. Please spread the word about this young man who has been sentenced to death in Iran.
  17. 2023? bad guys with badges one thing about living here nothing ever changes #poetry #acab #haiku #america #memphis

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