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I repost stuff I am interested in. Trump should be in prison. We should give a damn about women's rights and voting rights.

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  1. Of course he did.
  2. No 💩🙌?
  3. Truth.
  4. "Most people don't really want the Truth. They just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth." Friedrich Nietzsche
  5. Recognize any of these insurrectionists? If so, please turn them in!
  6. 5 lying pieces of shit, and a Chief Justice Roberts who apparently couldn’t even be bothered to look at the camera. A real winning gang of democracy subverters we got here 😑.
  7. From the introduction to the final report just released by the J6 committee: "President Trump tried to reach the Vice President early in the morning of January 6th, but the Vice President did not take
  8. BREAKING NEWS from Kyle Cheney at POLITICO: “The Jan. 6 committee will vote Monday on a subcommittee recommendation to refer at least three criminal charges against Trump — including for USC 2383, ins

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