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Whitney Washington


CNF writer living in Alabama.

Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL based essayist focused on identity and pop culture. Published in @ElectricLit and @Reckon. All thoughts and words are mine alone.

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  1. I'm obsessed with Hallmark's mystery movies, and I'm counting down my favorites on my Substack! #writingcommunity #mystery #substack
  2. I may have had a COVID Christmas, but at least I got to catch up on my reading and watching. #GlassOnion #AgathaChristie #KDrama #fiction
  3. I’m reminded of the Nashville bombing that happened two years today. Nearly an entire region of the country was impacted by phone outages for days, including 911 centers. It’s terrifying how vulnerabl
  4. The biography of an essay

    July 2022: I’m at the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop in Ohio, surrounded by incredible writers. Our nonfiction group’s instructor, the amazing Melissa Faliveno gives us a prompt: Think of a specific p

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