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USA Importer of World Class Spirits - Amrut, Bimber, Blackadder, Drouet, Mahon, Renegade, Waterford. Certified WSET Spirits Educator.

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  1. Canadian court rules its every Canadian's god Given right to "flip the bird"
  2. Folks "Zero Sugar" does not mean "No added sweetener". Do not fall for marketing spin
  3. Happy New Year

    2022 What a year you gave us. You started out keeping us in a cocoon. Trying to keep us isolated from the world, from family, from friends. Slowly we emerged, confused and unsure. Still masked we bega
  4. What 2022 taught us about Freeing American Alcohol Markets.

    When 2020 began, no place in America had a statewide to-go or delivery alcohol law for restaurants. By the fall of 2021, 29 states had such a law on the books. However we are now starting to witness o
  5. Delicious wine to start the holiday weekend. 2007 Castillo Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays #ItalianWine #Brunello
  6. Interesting research on Direct to Consumer shipping of alcohol. Wine can be shipped direct to consumers in 47 States, yet Spirits are restricted to less than 10 States
  7. Tonight I am live with Whiskey Mavens sharing Amrut stories (and whisky)
  8. The end of an Old & Rare Single Malt - 43 year old Glenglassaugh. #Whisky #SingleMalt #Scotch

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