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  1. More disgrace for Missouri
  2. If you live in NY-03, you can write to complain about being defrauded by George Santos, so he doesn’t represent you. Please email to the following:
  3. Norwegian meme that was banned by Twitter.
  4. #DoYouKnow #TanRailing Recognize him? If so the FBI would like to hear from you and so would we! #Justice4J6 #HoldThemAllAccountable #WhyWeDoWhatWeDo Just because you're not on the wanted doesn't mean
  5. Wanted for crimes committed at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021. Please share across all platforms. #DoYouKnow these individuals?? Please contact the FBI #Jan6 #CapitolAssault #Justic4J6 #Resolutions #2023Goals
  6. How many times is this dude’s mother going to pass away?
  7. George Santos is a fraud and con-artist. Where did the $700,000 he lent his campaign come from?
  8. I like living in a world where you can find this on a jar of spices: “Justice is the light that has guided America through every storm. Now one party wants to obstruct it, twist it, steal it away from
  9. If you recognize any of these people, contact the authorities
  10. Most of what was in this report, we already knew. This was probably the most interesting new information: The Committee has substantial concerns regarding potential efforts to obstruct its investigatio
  11. Republicans are trying to trash the SHIELD Act, which would make revenge porn illegal. We have a chance to change this but we need to act NOW. Call/email Mitch McConnell’s office & urge him to support
  12. Post. is where to be at 1 pm ET on Monday. 💙
  13. Sat down to read, fell asleep, woke up to a massive twitter purge of journalists. Musk’s thin skin is not really the cause, deplatforming opposing voices is. I’m convinced that Musk is the point perso
  14. Set a timer. Open Twitter. How long before you are angry to the point of no longer being constructive? Under 30 seconds here
  15. #Ukraine #Twitter #Birdapp #Twitchan #Birdchan #ElonMuskovite
  16. This is HILARIOUS. Russian trolls are masquerading as Kid Rock fans in order to infiltrate MAGA Nation. And it's working!
  17. Members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council received an email with the subject line, “Thank You,” that informed them the council was no longer “the best structure” to bring “external insights into o
  18. THREAD: This is simple. We had INTERCEPTED COMMUNICATIONS showing Rudy was THE TARGET of RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION about HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP. That’s why PRIVATE social media companies CHOSE not to sprea
  19. I'm going to do what I can to make sure Post isn't a place for antisemitism, fascism, xenophobia, or bigotry of any kind. I'll flag every account I see which posts such content. For too long I tolerate

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